We are certified organic

Yes, wir sind Bio-zertifiziert

Social Matters

Shoulder Responsibility

“Consciously accepting responsibility is in itself an important stage on the road to faster progress.” Julain Huxlay

We are aware of our social responsibility and gladly embrace it. Since our foundation, we have supported a broad range of projects and organizations, several of which have been supported for many years with donations and sponsorships.  

Our Beehive

With conviction, expertise and creativity in species- & Environmental protection

The protection of honey bees and wild bees is one of the greatest challenges of our century. By far the most important pollinator, their survival is key to preserving biodiversity, food security and thus a future worth living for humanity

Would you also like to support a good cause?

with really great bee-nefits
  • Authentic commitment to biodiversity
  • Brand image enhancement and credible CSR through your own nature preservation and protection project
  • A direct contribution to increasing the bee population in Germany
  • CO2 reduction by cultivating large bee meadows
  • Turnkey content for your online & offline marketing
  • Accompanying, personalized customer gifts
  • Tailored scalability: with gold, silver or bronze sponsorships

Our Own Honey

With us, honest workmanship meets creative energy. Starting with full-clarity beekeepers and apicultures, with the aid of our project sponsors, we develop and produce truly sustainable promotional gifts and products directly from and for nature. Your customers and the environment will love it!

Do Good and Spread the Word

Structures of Bee Patronages

Your Bees

You’ll become the patron of one or more bee colonies for a whole year. These are set up by our beekeepers according to guidelines, looked after and cared for in a gentle, bee-friendly way. Your bee-booty is visibly branded with your logo.

Your Flowering Meadow

Each patronage creates a large area of flowering meadow that will provide a livelihood not only for bees but also for many other wildlife species. Simultaneously, you will help counteract land degradation and actively assist in the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Your Honey

Three times a year you will receive wonderful, personalized customer gifts directly from your nature preservation project. With your company’s honey, seed packets for flower meadows, and a great DIY kit for pure beeswax candles, you will increase the reach of your campaign.

Gruß aus der Imkerei(Moll)

Your Premium Marketing Material

Our in-house creative agency delivers the right storytelling and meaningful content directly from your nature preservation project. All-inclusive: Image-films, visual materials, copy and information, ready-made ideas for social media posts, and much more.


Right from the start.

From the selection of our product palette and internal processes, and throughout our logistical chain, we continually act consciously and ecologically responsible for our customers and our environment. Products tailored for the target audience, high quality standards and a strict selection of products that take ethical and environmental aspects into account, ensure sustainable and long-lasting advertising success for our customers.

During the planning stages of our new office premises and warehouse facilities, which we occupied in 2016, the focus was on achieving the best energy efficiency rating and a significant level of future-proofing with long-term sustainability in mind.

Our company’s entire power requirements are covered 100% by green energy. We almost completely offset all transportation-related CO2 – emissions from our shipments. We are assessed annually and formally verified by a certificate. We make these and countless other investments consciously for the future and with complete conviction.

We are delighted with the positive feedback and recognition we have received from our customers and suppliers. Many Thanks!

Climate-neutral shipping

As a forward-looking company, for several years now we have acted and embraced our climate protection responsibilities — by employing climate-neutral shipping methods. All incurred costs of adopting CO2 neutral shipping methods are entirely compensated by us, and this compensation is officially recognized every year by certificate.

4.800 Trees

Plant for the Planet

Thanks to the » Plant for the Planet Team « for sending us our charitable donation certificate. We happily to support and promote sustainable, social projects and are delighted with their success!

If you would like information in regard to this or other exciting projects, feel free to contact us!